Sunday, April 14, 2013

The soldiers in my life

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Being a woman, I have definitely had my share of pleasant and not-so-pleasant experiences with men.While I was mostly alone when I battled out with the negative ones, there are a good number of good men, too. I am fortunate enough to have men in my life who are supportive,stood by me and created a sense of being there for me,come what may. Here is to them for leaving a positive impact on me for life.Thank you all!

Mewling in his arms and turning side to side,
A look into the eyes and he was filled with pride,
There lies his much wanted baby girl,
Gleaming and glistening like a fresh water pearl.

He rocked her, patted her,sang for her and walked all night.
As the wailing queen fell deep asleep over his shoulders snug and tight. 
He got her the best of toys, clothes and candy.
He put her in the best of schools and worked hard to give the best of everything.
She was all pampered and her unfulfilled wishes were almost nothing.

And so the little girl grew up and asked one day,
"What is all this hue and cry about being a boy or a girl,how does it matter anyway?"
No differences were ever known, she was always free to choose what she wanted to. 
He was a soldier who battled out hard for his little girl's comforts and put her before all of his,
The selfless soldier - My father he is.

Ten years later, there came another person in the family,
"Little brother for me !", jumped the now,big sister, joyfully.
Days, months and years and nothing changed for her,
Except another person for sharing love and making her life merrier,
She was cared for,nurtured and protected all the same.

The little brother was her much coveted baby doll,
And grew up to be there for her every call,
They laughed together,fought together and had fun together.
At the age of eleven, he innocently prayed as his big sister went to give her first job interview,
He cheered for her and celebrated when she was through.
He boasted about her, laughed with her when she was happy and prayed for her in distress, 
The soldier who stands by me and gives a sense of being there - My brother he is.

Out in the big bad world,
A few friends and colleagues to prove its not all that cold,
Simple actions of chivalry that show respect towards fellow humans,
Being there to accompany after a late day at work and for various other reasons,
The soldier who contributed in his small way to my day going right - my friend he is.

He promised my family that I would in be safe hands.
When I came with him all alone to an unknown land.
He pampers me like a child when I feel low.
A good critic who can point out my faults with a comical show.
A loving and caring Dad to a one year old,
The soldier who firmly believes in responsibility and realizes it with all his heart - my husband and soul-mate he is.


  1. Hey beautifully written:) Ur name resembles a girl i knew:) Followed u....

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  2. U have summed the beautiful relations of our life... Father, brother, friends and husband.. nicely done...


    1. Thanks for the comments, Manjulika.